From Humble Beginnings

Crossfit CAJIR was born because 3 like minded people came together on a whim in hopes that they could open a CrossFit box.

Ryan and Jessica Disterheft, and Brad Wilmoth sat at the local brewery one night talking about how neat it would be to have their own gym. A few drinks in we decided that the three of us could make this dream a reality. So it began…. CrossFit CAJIR started as X3 Strength and Conditioning in the backyard at Brad’s house with a few weights and some milk jugs filled with water. We posted on Facebook that we were going to have a free workout to anyone who wanted to come. That Sunday we had 15 people show up to our surprise. From there our Sundays were consumed with free workouts and our Founders group was established.

Once we started looking for a building and how to become affiliated we discovered  that we needed to submit 3 names for approval. Names sent were X3 CrossFit, CrossFit X3, and CrossFit CAJIR. The meaning behind the X3 was that there was 3 of us, but the meaning behind CAJIR is a little more meaningful. Between the three of us we have 5 kids; Calvin, Austin, Jacob, Isaac, and Rylee. We knew that these people would suffer the most for us taking on a new business, so we felt good about naming the Box after our kids. That is how CAJIR was born.


Ryan Disterheft
Ryan DisterheftCo-Founder | Coach
-CrossFitter since 2015
-Favorite workout – “Murph”
-AED/CPR Certified, CFL1 , CrossFit Weightlifting L1
Jessica Disterheft
Jessica DisterheftCo-Founder | Coach
– CrossFitter since 2015
-Favorite Workout – “Anything to do with Snatches”
-AED/CPR Certified, CFL1 , CrossFit Weightlifting L1
Brad Wilmoth
Brad WilmothCo-Founder | Coach
– CrossFitter Since 2015
– Favorite workout – “Fight Gone Bad”
– AED/CPR Certified, CF-L1
Vanessa Wilmoth
Vanessa WilmothCoach
– CrossFitter Since 2016
– Favorite workout – “Anything with Deadlifts and Running”
– AED/CPR Certified, CF-L1

All The Ten’s

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